Wig Maintenance Tips

1. Avoid High Temperature
Do not place your virgin hair wig close to high temperature. Do not use Flat-iron or curl too often, it will cause you hair to lack gloss, become dry and break easily.


2. Hair Wig Washing
Wash your wig once in about 1-2 month is best, and also it depends on the frequency of wearing.


3. Water Temperature
Use cold water or mild water to clean your hair wig, normal shampoo is okay, use some hair conditioner to help your hair stay shiny and silky.


4. Dry Your Hair Wig
Do not use blower to dry your hair wig, use dry towel to suck additional water in the hair, and place it to ventilated place, avoid damage of hair caused by sun exposure.


5. Combing
Do not comb your hair immediately after washing, comb it after the hair is dry. When combing your human hair wig, Use special wide brush to comb your hair(steel comb and metal comb is ok, do not use plastic comb), start from hair end to top, this will prevent your hair wig from shedding.


6. Curly Hair Wigs Combing
If you have curly hair wig, comb should not be used frequently, use your hand to make it orderly after wearing.


7. When Your Wig Is Tangling Severely After Long Use
If you hair wig is tangling after long use, do not pull your hair, spray some wig-specific non-oily conditioner, and comb it with wide-toothed comb or hand carefully and do not rush, take your time.


8. Do Not Use Hair Spray
Do not use hairspray like gel water, pomade to your hair wig, it will make hair oily and it will get messy easily.


9. Use Non-oily conditioner
The use of Non-oily conditioner is quite easy: spray a few times before wearing your hair wigs, it will help your hair be silky and bright, and can prevent static electricity, keep your hair moisten, it will be silky like new hair.


10. Long Human Hair Wigs Combing
If you have long human hair wig, start combing the hair from the ends and gradually make your way to top. Be patient with it.


11. Hair Shedding
When you found your hair fell out a little bit. Do not be scared, a little shedding is normal when your comb and wearing your human hair wigs.


12. Hair Wig Storage
Place your human hair wig in the original packaging if you are not wearing it, shake it and it will be in its original state when you are ready to wear it.